Deputies Search for Robbery Suspects

EUGENE, Ore. — An elderly woman got swindled by strangers in her own home this weekend after pretending to offer her an electric wheelchair.

The victim, Marian Troy, says a couple in their forties forced their way into her home on Seavey Loop Road. They said they noticed the ramp outside her home and wondered if she’d be interested in an electric wheelchair they had to give away.

Once inside, Troy says the couple took money she’d been saving for a new bed and then ran off.

“It could have been a lot worse; they could have stolen a lot of stuff. You know nobody would have, nobody’s around and I didn’t have any of my kids here,” Troy said.

Troy is still waiting to hear from the Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Any with information on this incident is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (541) 682-4150.

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