Deputies Work to Remove Motor Home

ROSEBURG, Ore. – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office attempted to rescue a California couple after their motor home got stuck on a Bureau of Land Management road.

Deputies say around 8:30 p.m. Saturday they received a call from Charles Garton, 73, of Ridgecrest, Cali., saying he and his wife were stuck on a logging road behind fallen trees.

Garton says he was driving his motor home pulling a utility trailer with a golf cart and was following a route selected by the GPS, which sent them down several BLM roads heading towards Highway 42. He says due to the unimproved roadways, the vehicles got stuck in the mud.

Deputies reached Garton by 11 a.m. Sunday and began work to rescue the couple. They cleared trees from the road; but due to the conditions of the roadway, they were unable to get the motor home unstuck. Roseburg Towing was also attempted but were unable to remove the motor home.

Deputies offered a ride into town for the couple, but they refused to leave their motor home.

The Douglas County 4X4 Search and Rescue team continue to assist the couple in removing the vehicle out of the area.

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