Deputy Drew Wattier Returns Home

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s a homecoming 70 days in the making. Lane County Sheriff’s Deputy Drew Wattier is settling in to a rehab facility in Eugene.

KEZI 9 News sat down with Drew’s mom and sister Friday and both of them credit the community and his character for getting Drew back home.

“I have seen miracles with my own eyes. I’ve seen miracles happen,” said Drew’s mother Andrea Wattier.

Drew Wattier is Andrea Wattier’s miracle, her son, a deputy with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office is defying the odds every day.

“He is just such a fighter and a survivor,” said Andrew Wattier.

“I would never have guessed that we would have been at this position after 70 days,” said Drew’s sister Nicole Garrett.

That position is here in Eugene. Drew and his wife Michelle were the victims of a hit and run outside their Mexican resort back in November.

The couple’s journey started there, then took them to a hospital in San Diego, then Portland, and now here at a rehab facility. “I was hopeful, yeah, and I should have known all along that he was going to get to the point that he is now,” Nicole Garrett said.

The pictures show a smiling Drew, but what we don’t see is what Drew must now overcome because he’s dealing with a brain trauma. “They got a kitchen setup like an apartment. They will learn how to do things again,” Andrea Wattier said.

Drew’s wife Michelle is also making great strides by taking her first step in a Portland rehab. Michelle will join Drew in Eugene in the coming weeks. “I will walk in the room and I will hear I love you babe when are you coming,” Nicole Garrett said.

A loving bond and a loving community–that’s what’s getting them through this.

As Andrea and Nicole sat in The Curl Friday, which is a new business opening up in downtown Eugene that is fundraising for the couple, they are reminded just how much their loved ones are loved.

“People genuinely love them. Men that he works with at the department holding him and kissing him kissing his hand when he was in a coma and saying, ‘I love you Drew. I love you buddy.’ I had never seen that before with men,” Andrea Wattier said.

For now, Drew’s hanging lose, but striving high. Drew’s mom says their family is also getting back to their lives. For example, she’s going back to work Monday for the first time since their accident.


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  1. Postone says:

    It would be nice if KEZI would describe the injuries these two suffered. Not everyone saw the first article which I’m assuming listed their injuries. The media (all lame stream media) usually don’t tell the entire truth anyway I realize this, but you would think the injuries these two suffered would be a major part of this story.

    I guess not, who knows what goes on in the mind of a reporter?

  2. Really? says:

    It is not KEZI’s responsibility or intent to quench for your appetite nosiness. These are real lives, real famillies and they deserve the decency of some privacy. You obviously rely too much on reality TV for your vision of reality. Keep watching Snookie – yes sure that is real life. REALLY?

    1. Postone says:

      Really, Then who come KEZI reported their injuries initially? Because you say this is a privacy issue.

      Obviously you have nothing to contribute, so just shut your ignorant mouth!

    2. Postone says:

      Then why would they do the story in the first place moron?

  3. stop the nonsense says:

    i think both of you are losing sight of what’s important here. this open format is not for your opinions on KEZI or reality tv. in these times of sadness for this couple,arguing and rudeness is uncalled for.

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