Deputy Rescues Man Trapped in Car

7-24 Benton Co. Car DiscoveredNEAR ALSEA, Ore. — An elderly man is safe after spending the night, trapped in his crashed car which was hidden about 90-feet off of Highway 34.

80-year-old Jon Culton of Waldport was reported missing Wednesday. He didn’t show up for his Corvallis doctor’s appointment. On his way, something happened.

His car ended up on its top, in a creek and down a 90-foot embankment.

A Benton County Deputy who was out searching for Culton on Thursday stopped his cruiser along a curve and got out.

“He spotted the vehicle, called down there,” said OSP Lt. Gregg Hastings. “He heard someone call back to him and realized he had found a man that had been missing.”

The deputy climbed down the embankment to help Culton. He was taken to the hospital with a chest injury, but it’s not life-threatening.

Investigators say he used the car’s floor mats to stay warm overnight.

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