Developer Aiming to Help Startups

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A developing business is aiming to rent spaces to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

It’s called “Prosper Park,” and it’s located on 28th Street in Springfield.

Prosper Park is owned by Developer Leonard Tarantola.

The City of Springfield says Tarantola wants to help smaller businesses get started.

Mark Metzger, a senior planner with the city, says Tarantola bought the land and is developing the business with a unique vision.

“He has a vision for creating small artisan spaces and flexible industrial space for small entrepreneurs to get a start, and that particular facility will house probably, eventually, 35 to 50 small warehouse sites.”

Metzger says some of those spaces are finished and currently have tenants.


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  1. Carol Miner says:

    l’d like to hear more about this. Thanks.

  2. Ryan Iverson says:

    PAC Stove Co. will be relocating from Lebanon to here in April. We’ve met with Leonard and must say this is a great guy! Start ups and small biz are the back bone of the economy. He has a great little concept and location here for small, or just-out-of-the-garage businesses. Looking forward to restarting our mfg here!

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