Dexter Fire Fully Lined

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DEXTER, Ore. — Lightning has ignited 51 new wildfires in Oregon, and storms are forecast to continue through Wednesday.

The new fires are burning across 11 square miles. The two biggest are in eastern Oregon.

Closer to home, crews are now mopping up the Dexter fire.

Staff say most of the fires started Sunday night are out, and the Dexter Fire–the largest–is mostly contained.

Crews say weather conditions weren’t the best Tuesday, but definitely better than Monday. The 20 acres are now lined with hose ready to keep it from spreading.

ODF says none of the dozens of fires impacted any communities, but they it’s a good reminder about the importance of protecting your property and homes.

“Typically when there’s a lot of structures and a lot of fires, there aren’t going to be enough fire trucks to be for every structure. So we want people to take some ownership to create some defensible space to be prepared beforehand and not have to worry about it later on,” said Greg Wagenblast, South Cascade District forester.

You can trim back branches that overhang on structures, and make sure there’s enough space for emergency responders to get to your place in case of a fire.

Three new fires were started Monday night in the Cottage Grove area–all less than an acre.

ODF says they were able to get a handle of them quickly, but they’re still on high alert for more fires, as lightning storms continue to roll through.

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