Dexter Lake Sewage Spill Reported to DEQ

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LOWELL, Ore. — The public works department in Lowell has turned in its report to the DEQ on this weekend’s raw sewage spill at Dexter Lake.

Public Works says the groundwater from the snow and rain overwhelmed the pumps Saturday morning. A back-up pump came on Sunday morning. But somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning, both pumps went out, causing 100,000 gallons of sewage to spill into the reservoir.

To make matters worse, the emergency call system that typically alerts workers to a spill was down because of a power outage.

Public Works utility worker Randall Cherry says they don’t know the exact impact the sewage will have on the lake, but in a lake that holds nearly 10 million gallons, 100,000 gallons isn’t that much.

“The dilution factor helps you there, and plus, like you said, the water is constantly moving. It’s flowing,” Cherry said.

Warning signs are now up around the lake.

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