Dexter Prepares for Big Fireworks Show

DEXTER, Ore. — Dexter, Oregon–it’s small town U.S.A. where the morning commute is a breeze.

City roads are covered with wildflowers, and American pride is on display.

Not a lot of people live here, but there’s a big buzz.

“There always is, especially around the restaurants. They are in there eating and talking about what’s going to happen on the Fourth of July,” said Dexter resident Bob Braze.

At the Dexter Rural Fire Protection District, volunteer firefighters who save lives have once again saved the annual Fourth of July tradition.

Parked next to the fire trucks, you find all the makings for a BBQ.

The final preps for a fun family Fourth of July are under way.

The stage for the fireworks is a breathtaking view of Dexter Lake.

“Pretty much here where we are standing. They’ll get tipped out over the lake. We get a nice reflection of the water in the middle of the night,” said volunteer firefighter Micheal Cockerline.

You can even launch a boat and watch the fireworks from the water.

The Dexter Volunteer Firefighters Association started organizing the annual show six year ago, charging a nominal fee.

This year’s display cost $4,000 and will illuminate the sky for close to 45 minutes.

Locals know it’s a good show.

“It’s a pretty extravagant show considering what it is. It’s all hand lit. It’s not automated or goes off to sound like some of the big shows you’ll see. But you definitely look over and see the pyrotechnics running around lighting the fuses. It makes for an exciting show,” Cockerline said.

You’ll have to pay $10 a car, or $2 a person, to check out the fireworks. The money raised will pay for next year’s show.

Dexter Volunteer Firefighters Association says they couldn’t do this event with support from Eugene/Thurston Urgent Care, Star Rental, Kingsford Briquette, Western Display and Oregon State Parks.

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