Dillard Reacts To Residents’ Deaths

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DILLARD, Ore. — Investigators are still trying to determine why a Dillard man killed himself and two others, including his own father, early Tuesday morning in Coos County.

Zachary Brimhall, the suspect the shootings, and his father Ray Brimhall were both from Dillard, a town of about 500, just south of Roseburg, right outside of Winston. Residents we spoke to say they’re still in disbelief that two of their own were involved at all and shocked that Zachary could be accused of shooting and killing his dad. The Coos County District Attorney says Zachary lured his dad out claiming his car had broken down. Deputies say Zachary then killed a Michigan man vacationing on the coast in a drive by shooting. Deputies say he shot five cars about 15 to 20 times each. While three others were occupied, no one else was hurt. Afterwards, Zachary then shot and killed himself.

No one in Dillard was aware of any tension between the father and son, who were believed to be living together. An employee at the Dillard Store and Deli says Ray was her favorite customer. The market’s owner says Ray was a private guy, but also an extremely kind man, always striking up conversation with those around him. Residents say it’s tough news to handle, but they’re determined to make it through.

Dillard resident and Dillard Store and Deli owner Keith Sjogren says, “When something like this happens, people just go through the normal cycles, but we’ll eventually have to realize that something like this did happen and we’ll try to figure out why and move on.”

We did attempt to reach the family at the address where Ray was last listed. It did not appear that anyone was home.

The Coos County District Attorney didn’t have any new information on Tuesday. He says they’re still interviewing folks and looking into the suspect’s background. Any tests or toxicology reports could take six to eight weeks to get.

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