Disabled Boy’s Wheelchair Returned

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A grandmother’s praising her community and the police after her grandson’s wheelchair was stolen, then returned.

Brandon Kerstetter has cerebral palsy, and police say his wheelchair was stolen Monday from outside his Roseburg home.

Brandon’s grandmother, Patrice Kerstetter, says she was distraught and wondered who could do such a thing.

Roseburg Police say word began to spread and a number of businesses said they wanted to help the family.

Then to the family’s surprise, the wheelchair was returned to the driveway with a note attached to it from the suspect apologizing for stealing the chair. Police say Kerstetter had the impression the note was written by a juvenile.

KEZI spoke with the Patrice Kerstetter by phone Wednesday evening. Here’s what she had to say about the thief’s change of heart:

“This touched this person’s heart, and we got to let people know that this is so important. We don’t lose faith in each other. And when you live in a small community, that is what we are supposed to do, stick together, not tear apart,” said Kerstetter.

She says Brandon is a very special boy and this wheelchair is his only means of transportation.

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  1. Rachel Kerstetter says:

    I am Brandon’s Mom.. I just want to say thank you for care ing enough to share this story. Because you did, my son’s chair was returned. And so many wonderful people stepped up to help my son and do whatever they could to donate chairs. I am hoping this situation brings awareness for those with disabilities, especially children. And that parents teach there kids to respect the disabled kids at school. Thank you again! God Bless

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