Dishcrawl Showcases Local Restaurants

EUGENE, Ore. — Downtown Eugene is buzzing with new restaurants, like Tokyo Tonkatsu, which recently opened.

Chef Hirofumi Kamazuka brings to life recipes from his native country of Japan. It’s his third restaurant in Eugene, and his specialty here is tonkatsu. It’s chicken dipped in egg, coated with homemade bread crumbs and fried to perfection. First at a low temperature to cook the meat, and then in the hot fryer.

Chef Kamazuka will be sharing his specialty at Saturday’s Dishcrawl. It’s a dining sensation offered in big cities. Now Eugene is on the map.

“It’s a great way to introduce restaurants, especially all the new places that are popping up downtown,” said Kelsey Gore, Tokyo Tonkatsu Manager.

Typically a dishcrawl is four restaurants within walking distance. Food goers meet the chef and get a sample. This is where it becomes a dining experience. Once you’ve had a tasting from one restaurant, it’s time to move on to the next.

“Dishcrawl is a way to experiencing restaurants while narrowing the gap between chef and diner,’ said Rosalie Duff, Dishcrawl Ambassador.

This weekend’s dishcrawl goes a step further. It’s called Neighborfood, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit WomenSpace.

“Neighborfood is like a Dishcrawl, just bigger. We have twice as many restaurants, and we are hoping for twice as many people,” Duff said.

Also on restaurant lineup are Red Wagon Creamery, Larry’s Cupcakes, Belly Restaurant, Bon Mi, Off the Waffle and Sammitch.

Here’s how it works. You pay a $15 admission, and then you buy $5 meal tickets to each restaurant which is good for a drink, dessert or food. Each restaurant showcases its specialty, providing a new dining experience.

Click here for more information on this week’s dishcrawl.


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  1. t. l. says:

    So for $55 per person you can try out all 8 places? Too expensive!

    1. J.M. says:

      $55 is nothing for dining/drinks at EIGHT places, especially when it’s helping a local cause.

  2. J.M. says:

    @ t.l.:

    $55 is cheap for dining & drinks at EIGHT places, especially when it’s for charity.

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