Dispensary Laws Hit Legislative Hurdle

MEDFORD, Ore. — The state has just a few weeks to set rules around medical marijuana dispensaries, but they say flaws in the legislation itself are getting in the way.

The Rules Advisory Committee will likely have one more draft until those rules are finalized mid-December. They also say the team is working together well, but there are still some big holes in the law itself that need to be fixed, and until then they’re more or less trapped.

One of the biggest issues the RAC has is the fact that the law only calls for four full-time employees to manage the entire dispensary law statewide. They also say the law doesn’t require dispensary employees to get licensed by the state to dispense marijuana, even though bartenders are required to do so to serve alcohol.

“We are limited by what is in the law, and the law needs to change in many different ways, and many of those ways the committee agrees on,” said Rob Bovett, an RAC Member and the Lincoln County District Attorney.

RAC members say they will have one chance to address deficiencies in the law during the February legislative session, but they say they’ll have to fight for attention among a number of other issues the legislature will be taking up.

Among them are multiple ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana. If that gets taken up, there’s a good chance it could appear before voters on next year’s November ballot.

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