District Takes Transfer Applications

Corvallis School DistrictCORVALLIS, Ore. — If students want to transfer into the Corvallis School District next year, the district is warning families not to get their hopes up about selecting the school.

The district is accepting transfer applications through the end of the month. No schools are closed for applications yet. But the district says if students want to transfer to Corvallis High School or Linus Pauling Middle School if they are living outside of the boundary lines, there is a good chance they will be denied.

“Linus Pauling Middle School has been closed the last couple of years, as well as Corvallis High School,” said Assistant Superintendent Kevin Bogatin. “Because the gap between our two schools — our two high schools and our two middle schools — is greater than 7 percent.”

The district says as of Feb. 25, there were 556 students at Cheldelin Middle School, and 684 students at Linus Pauling. At CHS, there were 1,240 students, and 986 at Crescent Valley High School.

To keep school resources balanced, the district says it needs to keep the number of students at CHS and Crescent Valley as close as possible. The same is true for the two middle schools. As it stands now, both schools have a wide student population gap.

“When we look at the budget, money follows the students,” Bogatin said. “As the resources dwindle or the gap widens, all of a sudden now you have a school – because of additional resources – has programs the other middle school doesn’t offer, and then it almost perpetuates the cycle. Because now people want to go to the school that has more resources and more programs available.”

Bogatin still encourages students to apply to the school they want to attend, because student population numbers for next year still have yet to be determined. To apply to transfer, click here.

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