Board to Select Civic Stadium Buyer

civic stadiumEUGENE, Ore. — It’s been years in the making, and Wednesday a buyer may finally be selected for Civic Stadium.

The stadium has been vacant ever since the Eugene Emeralds baseball team decided to relocate for the 2010 season.

Wednesday, the Eugene school board may finally select an offer. There are three bids: from the city of Eugene, the Eugene Family YMCA and Fred Meyer. Earlier this month, superintendent Shelley Berman recommended the district sell the stadium to the city for $4.5 million under some conditions. While the YMCA and Fred Meyer say they respect his input, they are hopeful going into the meeting.

“We’re hoping the school board will vote in favor of our proposal, but regardless, we’re optimistic that we will land on our feet somewhere, somehow,” says Julie Grossman with the YMCA.

And Fred Meyer spokesperson Pat Walsh says, “Wednesday night will be a big evening for the community and we hope that the school district will pick the Fred Meyer bid. If not, we will be ready and waiting in case one of the other bids doesn’t work out.”

Fred Meyer has stepped up efforts leading up to the decision with ads both in the newspaper and on the radio. In the end, it’s all up to the school board, which is comprised of seven members. The board will decide whether to go forward with the superintendent’s recommendation to go with the city’s offer, or file a motion to do something else.

The public is invited to attend the meeting. It starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday night at the Education Center located at 200 North Monroe St. in Eugene.


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  1. jodie smith says:

    It only makes sense that Fred Meyer win the bid for the Civic Stadium site. The Fred Meyer proposal couldn’t be more Eugene friendly or positive for our community.
    Firstly and MOST importantly, jobs are what have been lacking in this area for a long time. Many families have been forced to flee to areas with more opportunity. The number of new employees that Fred Meyer will hire and the number of construction workers who will gain steady substantial work is of great value. They will perhaps receive great health coverage and that is a struggle and need for many citizens these days.

    How does this benefit 4j and our higher education systems? The long lasting effects of such a wise decision will likely begin with retention of the current student count or a growth in enrollment. Families who can make a living will gladly raise their kids in this great valley. Some of those people will take classes at our local colleges and universities. We need to remember that student count affects the dollars that our schools have to operate with outside of the monies that 4j will be paid for this sale. Combine that ultra clear fact with the offer to assist the YMCA in the move to a better facility and it’s a win win.

    The concern that another grocery store is not needed is closed minded. There are many comments from FM shoppers who say that they’d save on gas, and time etc. with a more centrally located store so their feelings should matter. Frankly, a little competition for the Market of Choice or Safeway and the smaller stores benefits local shoppers’ finances.

    The concept of using reclaimed parts of the stadium and creating a very lush courtyard with native plants and trees is quintessentially Eugene. The look that this architectural design would achieve and the positive downtown mecca that would be facilitates community interaction and pride.

    People who care about the future of our special city, whether they are going to be here for life or a short time need to look to the long term benefits for this town. This seems a great opportunity for city leaders to demonstrate a commitment to making this the best city that it can be. They have an chance to take a real selfless teamwork approach to the true improvement and sustainability of Eugene, it’s culture which includes the children that the 4j school system is supposed to look out for and to value.

  2. Ron says:

    I thought the city was broke….let Freddys buy it..better business than the Y

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