District Training Strike Substitutes

Medford School BusMEDFORD, Ore. — District officials brought the substitutes in on buses, gearing up for students this week.  The next time the teams will be back at the talking table is also Tuesday,  but that will only be a brief call to the mediator, who is currently back in Salem.

Representatives from the Medford School District said the main focus right now is getting students back into the classroom, and that means getting substitutes prepared Sunday.  Some teachers on strike are frustrated by this.

“They’re spending time and money that could be spent at the bargaining table, and instead they are training out of town workers and drug testing them to get them ready to go into classrooms… when teachers would be back their themselves if the board would come back to the table and move towards a fair settlement,” said Lisa North with the Medford Education Association.

“We have come every time to the table. We’ve tried to move where we can to balance the offer to achieve the goals of the association to the extent we can afford. We’ve put all of our money on the table, and there really is no more money. It’s just how to we invest it,” said Dr. Phil Long, Superintendent, Medford School District.

The district recently released the new bus schedules. Click here for more information.

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