Dock Decision Still Looms

NEWPORT, Ore. — Oregon Parks and Recreation crews are still trying to decide what to do with that large dock that washed ashore near Newport.

They have two options, either demolish it on site or pull it out to sea to salvage it.

Estimates reveal either way would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

“We do feel that these types of large objects will use up all of our budget that we have for the whole year to clean the whole beach,” said Coastal Region Manager John Allen with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Parks crews want contractors look at the two options and submit bids and proposals by next Wednesday.

“It would be nice to salvage it, thinking about how far it has come I can see kids being amazed,” said Coast Visitor Ann Murphy.

“I would like to see them salvage it because it’s such an important piece of our recent history,” said Coast Visitor Quinn Vinson.

Parks crews remind you: if you’re going to check out the dock, do it during low tide, and don’t touch or climb on it.

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