Doctors Weigh in on 3D Imaging Laws

ultrasound-250x250GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Doctors say a law about who can perform an ultrasound helps prevent patients from making the wrong medical decisions. A 3D imaging business in Grants Pass recently shut down because of the law.

Keepsakes 3D Medical Imaging announced this week it’s closing its doors. The business used an ultrasound to create a 3D image of the fetus for the parents to keep. But a new Oregon law passed in October said the procedures can only be done by doctors.

A radiologist at Three Rivers Hospital said there’s nothing necessarily unsafe about the keepsake ultrasound businesses, but said it lulls patients into a false sense of security. He said he worries some patients may think that the keepsake visit is a substitute for a doctor’s visit. He said trained doctors and nurses can notice any potential problems with the fetus and do additional tests.

“They’re using some computer trickery–that’s what 3D ultrasound is–to make a pretty picture of the outside of the fetus so they’ll see what it looks like,” said Marcus Bryner of Three Rivers Hospital. “When they do that, they’re missing all of the inside.”

Bryner said parents can easily get a printout at their regularly scheduled ultrasound.

State Senator Alan Bates, also a doctor, said he supports the idea that ultrasounds should only be performed by trained doctors and technologists.

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