Documents Reveal Evidence in Bishop Case

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EUGENE, Ore. — Details have been released in the investigation of Dana Bishop, the Springfield man charged with invasion of privacy and accused of spying on his 10-year-old neighbor.

KEZI 9 News has obtained the lengthy search warrant used by detectives to search his home in March. The documents include two letters Bishop allegedly wrote to the girl which outline his infatuation with her, along with pictures he had of her and Internet searches.

In one of the letters, Bishop talks about seeing the girl in her room partially dressed and having a dream of marrying a virgin. Bishop also mentions watching and following her home from school.

The other letter is printed out in very large letters and is about four pages long. That letter is an apology from Bishop for missing a chance to see her in the neighborhood. He ends the letter with “Night, Night Cinder Girl.”

In the search of his home, officers seized everything from hard drives to VHS tapes and movie reels along with CDs. Photos of the girl were also found on his computer.

The documents also say Bishop admitted to police that he made video recordings of the girl over the last year using two small pinhole-style cameras he had installed in his attic a year ago.

And the documents say Bishop thought the girl had become aware of the cameras and that she was mouthing things to him of the sexual nature and even mouthing to him that she wanted him to marry her mom.

KEZI 9 News spoke with the girl’s mom Friday about these documents, and she says while learning that Bishop was allegeldy videotaping her daughter was bad, she says learning about some of this additional evidence, especially the letters, is even more disturbing to the family.

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