Dog Limit in Urban Growth Boundary

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene woman is breathing a sigh of relief Tuesday night after a battle with the city over how many dogs she owns.

Tanny Blonder was facing the tough decision to part with one of her three dogs, Little, Sadie and Dina. The reason, she lives on the edge of Eugene city limits known as the urban growth boundary.

Blonder received this letter from the city telling her she could only have two dogs and if she didn’t get rid of one of the dogs by July 13, the city would start fining her. She says she doesn’t pay city taxes, so the city shouldn’t be able to tell her what to do.

A short time after KEZI 9 News got involved, Blonder says the city called her back and informed her that she is allowed to have her three dogs after all.

“Because we were so close to being annexed into the city, they were going to go ahead and drop the issue of the dogs and allow us three dogs because then we’d be a part of the city,” Blonder said.

Blonder says the potential fines she was facing could have amounted to more than $400 per day.

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