Dog Saves Owner from Cancer

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EUGENE, Ore. — A woman is cancer free, four years after her breast cancer diagnosis. She says she owes her life to her dog.

Elisabeth Zier says at first she didn’t understand why her dog was scratching at her chest; but, she eventually knew something was terribly wrong. Encouraged by her dog’s actions, Zier went to the doctor and found out she had one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Her dog, Zoe, may not seem that intimidating, but she’s willing to fight for her owners.

“She’s a really unique animal, she really is. I’ve never seen an animal like her,” Zier said.

That’s exactly what Zoe was trying to tell her owner when she began scratching at her chest, to fight.

“I never thought that she would be able to detect cancer on me,” Zier said.

Zier says the biopsy came back positive for a very aggressive form of breast cancer. The doctor wanted to remove her right breast the next day. The good news was the cancer was in its earliest stages and she’s been cancer free ever since.

Zier says if it weren’t for Zoe who knows what would’ve happened.

“I think that the love that we have between each other, I think that helped out too because I think that she wanted me to know that something was wrong,” Zier said.

Don’t let that spunky energy fool you. Zoe’s owners say she’s very intuitive and pays attention to her human companions.

“She’s a very sensitive animal and we just appreciate her. It’s a gift from God,” said Jeff Zier.

Zier says Zoe has also been able to detect diseases in other people as well.

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