Dogs Compete in Agility Trials

EUGENE, Ore. — Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages competed for the third day in the American Kennel Club Agility Trials at the Lane Events Center.

The four-day AKC agility event focused on teamwork, the dog and the handler worked together to go through the course the correct way. Dogs competed at different levels based on their experience with a course.

Eugene Kennel Club members say there’s a lot of  hard work that goes into this event.

“The dog’s job is to do the equipment correctly. But it really takes a lot of teamwork, a lot of training. Each of these handlers have spent many hours to get ready for this event,” said Carol Ptak, Eugene Kennel Club Member.

Some of Sunday’s top winners were Sneakers, a Sheltie at the 12-inch mark, Chip, an Australian Shepherd at the 16-inch mark, Denver, a Bordie Collie at the 20-inch mark and Harlem, a Belgian Groenendael at the 24-inch mark.

Monday’s the last day for the event.

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