Donor Gives Fund-Matching Challenge

EUGENE, Ore. — Food for Lane County is on its way to getting a big financial boost.

An anonymous donor will match up to $100,000 this month only.

Two months after holidays, typically this time of year donations at Food for Lane County tend to drop. Not this February. Somebody, who could be watching this report right now, stepped up with a generous donation. No one seems to know who it is giving the matching fund challenge.

“We have no idea who this anonymous donor is. It’s fantastic. The person obviously cares about our community. We are very grateful,” said Darrel Kau, FFLC Development Director.

They’re grateful also for everyone who’s meeting this challenge.

We are now halfway through the month and so far, $55,000 has been raised.

If donors come up with $100,000, it will be matched dollar for dollar–That would mean $200,000 total. What could that money buy?

“We can purchase and distribute 90,000 loaves of bread with that $200,000,” Kau said. “It will make 800,000 sandwiches.”

Food for Lane County could purchase more than 138,000 jars of peanut butter, more than 266,000 cans of tuna and 463,000 cans of soup. That food will help feed 70,000 families in Lane County that rely on emergency food baskets.

You can donate at any Market of Choice by scanning coupons at the register or directly to Food for Lane County online, by phone, or mail.

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