Don’t Let Weather Keep Kids In

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EUGENE, Ore. — Four out of the past five days have been dry, which is pretty rare during an Oregon spring.

But a recent survey by the National Wildlife Federation says when weather isn’t perfect parents tend to keep kids inside.

The survey asked parents about the factors that tend to keep them from letting their kids go play outside. Sixty-one percent of them said weather was one of those factors, but doctors say that parents might be acting too cautious.

Most parents surveyed said that they think their kids should be outside getting exercise and play time, but there’s a good chunk that shies away from that principle when heat or heavy rain are involved. The truth is, kids can handle it.

Pediatricians say as long as they’re dressed correctly, there are few weather worries that should keep kids inside, especially in Oregon.

“I haven’t yet experienced conditions in Oregon in the last seven years that I would recommend to people you should not be outside with your children no matter how you’re dressed. Really, it’s a matter of preparing for the weather,” said pediatrician Dr. Sandra Rood.

When it rains, wear goulashes and hats and layer up depending on the temp. Otherwise, let your kids outdoors. Doctors say they’ll feel better and so will you.

We all want to protect our kids and keep them safe, but both the study and pediatricians want parents to remember that kids are much more resilient than we often give them credit for.

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