Door-to-Door Solicitor Warning

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EUGENE, Ore. — Police are warning about suspicious and aggressive solicitors going door to door in some Eugene neighborhoods.

They’reĀ asking people to be extra vigilant if someone comes knocking on your door.

They have taken a handful of reports over the last week from people aggressively peddling products. The most recent is a cleaning product. They’re concerned, because officers don’t know the background of this person or people and if they have an ulterior motive.

“We see people who have different products to sell, anywhere from cleaners to dispensers to services to vacuums,” said Eugene resident Joe Harbert, who lives on Pioneer Park Road.

Police say in the first 30 seconds someone must identify themselves, the company they work and their address, and the product they’re selling. If you say no, they are required to stop.

“That’s how you can identify if a person is being agressive. If you tell them no and they refuse to stop, then you’ve got a concern,” said Debbie Janecek, Eugene Police Department crime prevention specialist.

Another area of concern is Ayres Road near Delta Highway. KEZI 9 News talked with one homeowner who says she hasn’t seen many solicitors, but she does take her own precautions.

“I have a sign on the window and the fence that says ‘beware of the dog,'” said Eugene resident Betty Blatchley.

Blatchley says she’s been given some other advice.

“My son warns me all the time not to go to the door and not open the door, and I don’t,” Blatchley said.

Police say if the salesperson doesn’t listen, call them, because at this point officers don’t know what these solicitors are looking to do and they want those like Harbert and Blatchley to be safe.

Also, even if you have a no trespassing sign, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can call police. You need to verbally ask them to leave first.

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  1. julie avila says:

    these aggressive “salespeople” have lived in the Leaburg/Vida area for about a year and half. They have been threatening to many people in the Mckenzie river region. Why doesn’t Lane County Sherriff’s do something. The Department and deputies are well aware of the people.

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