Double Murder Suspect Appears in Court

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EUGENE, Ore. — Johan Gillete made his first court appearance Monday after being accused of a double murder over the weekend. He was charged with killing his dad, Jim Gillette, and Jim’s partner, Anne McLucas.

The Gillette family was at Johan’s arraignment. Jim Gillette’s brother, and Johan’s uncle, said this is just all very tragic. The family was still shaken up by this tragedy, like many who knew the couple.

“Anne surprised me; she gave me a little surprise party, which is typical of Anne,” said Marian Smith, an Associate Professor in Musicology at the University of Oregon.

Smith, a colleague and friend of Anne McLucas, says although McLucas was very well known in her academic field, she was much more than a music professor and former dean at the University of Oregon.

“Always looking after people and doing these wonderful things. And nobody knew about these thank-less, nice things that she didn’t do for anyone, but the person she was helping,” Smith said “Both her and jim were very generous, they were generous to a lot of people on that property.”

McLucus and Gillette were found dead on their property on Needham Road Friday night, allegedly murdered by Jim Gillete’s son, Johan Gillete.

It’s still unclear what happened that night, but friends of the couple posted messages on our website.

One comment said, “Jim was a generous, fun loving and active friend, as was Anne. We will miss our friends. Jim has expressed on more than one occasion that he feared his son and what he was capable of because of his size and mental problems.”

Another friend said, “So sad to hear this, I’ve known Jim for several years and am blessed to call him friend…the world will be lacking with Jim gone.”

Those close to McLucus had similar comments.

“She was a multi-faceted person, many, many people are suffering a terrible loss,” said Smith.

Johan will be back in court next week.

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