Double Murder Suspect Arraigned in Coquille

May 6, 2010

By Gia Vang

COQUILLE, Ore. — Gabriel Morris entered a not guilty plea in a Coos County courtroom.

Morris is accused of killing his mother Robin Anstey, and her then partner, Robert Kennelly back in February.  Now he faces 2 charges of aggravated murder.

Morris and his attorney spoke to a judge from the Coos county jail library.  The judge entered a not guilty plea for Morris.  They said that’s routine procedure because the defendant was arrainged on an indictment.

The Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier said Morris was arrested in Virginia after a nationwide man hunt weeks after the murder of his mom.

“One of the people he was staying with in Virginia, looked him up on the internet.  And up popped Americas Most Wanted and thet’s where they figured out, we’ve got someone at the house that we don’t particularly want to be there,” Frasier said.

Morris was told if he’s found guilty, the maximum penalties he’ll face are life in prison, life in prison with out parole or the death penalty. Whether Fraisier will seek death is still uncertain.

Morris fled the state with his wife Jessica and 4-year-old daughter.

The DA says there’s no evidence at this point that suggest Morris’ wife had anything to do with the murder.

Jessica was also brought back to Oregon.  She has been charged with hindering prosecution and as a part of the plea deal Jessica has agreed to testify against her husband.

Frasier said if evidence develops that finds Morris’ wife could be involved, their plea deal says he could prosecute her for that.

Morris is expected back in court for a status hearing on June 7.

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