Double Shot Of Winter Coming

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Justin’s Wednesday Night Forecast Discussion: 

An upper low is moving through the state late tonight producing some light to moderate showers with snow above 2000 feet. The showers should start to taper off after midnight, but still some light snow is likely at the Pass level early on Thursday. The second of three storms will move into Western Oregon Thursday afternoon, bringing more rain showers and snow in the mountains. Late Thursday, Winter Storm Watches kick in for the coast range and most of the Cascade range anticipating the big winter blast coming Friday.

This is one of the better looking storms we’ve seen so far in 2013 and will have all the usual winter storm cast of characters: gusty winds at the coast, heavy rain, and gobs of mountain snow. I’m expecting the bulk of it to slam into the coast by Friday afternoon and evening. Early estimates for snow may see a foot of new powder in the Northern Cascades, 12″ or more at the Passes by Saturday morning. With the cold air slamming in with the storm, there’s a slight chance we might see some flurries make it down close to the valley floor early Saturday.  It won’t stick much more than a few hours until you get into the higher hills around town.

Even if we don’t, the weekend will be a raw one, with highs in the low 40s and showers on and off with occasional sun breaks. The real benefactors from the snow will be the ski resorts who are bracing for a big weekend! The steady stream of storms coming in off the jet stream continues into next week as well.

Have a great Thursday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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