Douglas County Fire Restrictions

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ROSEBURG, Ore. — More than 35 million Americans will hit the road for the upcoming holiday weekend the unofficial end to summer, but there are some restrictions in place if you plan on heading to area forests.

The continuing hot and dry conditions have caused the Douglas Forest Protection Association raised the fire danger level from high to extreme Monday.

An extreme fire danger level means that a fire, if sparked, can spread quickly. For those planning on camping in the forests this weekend, you’ll need to be prepared.

“So with fire season in Douglas County, we have a regulated use closure in affect and under that regulated use closure, there are no campfires unless it is in a designated campground approved by the DFPA,” said Kyle Reed, DFPA Fire Prevention Specialist.

For those who are hunting this weekend, you may run into restrictions.

“Other things that are restricted include exploding targets and tracer ammunition. That was a law that was passed this year by the state. It’s a statewide thing when a fire season is declared,” Reed said.

But not all land in Douglas County is at the extreme fire danger level. Lands in the Umpqua National Forest are at a high fire danger level, which means campfires are allowed.

“So if you do go camping we ask that you keep you campfires to a designated fire ring or at least in a clear spot if you’re camping in a dispersed site,” said Cheryl Caplin, Umpqua National Forest Spokesperson.

For those planning on bow hunting, the Umpqua national forest advises to stay away from a portion of its land.

“Our forest is open with the exception of a small area that is at the very north end of the Cottage Grove ranger district, about 4 miles west of Oakridge. That area is closed, so you can drive through it but you can’t get out and walk around,” Caplin said.

The closure is due to the Deception Complex Fire. So far, more than 800 acres have burned in the Willamette National Forest and as the fire grows, it’s getting closer to the Umpqua National Forest.

For more information on closures, click here or here.

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