Downtown Eugene Mural Expands

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EUGENE, Ore. — To be or not to be. That is the question regarding the expansion of a downtown Eugene mural.

An artist has been working on a Shakespearean painting on the side of a Eugene building for several months, and he’s still not finished.

We caught up with artist Hans D’Hollsoy in May when the mural stretched 60 feet on the side of the New Zone Art Gallery on Broadway. Now it’s more than 150 feet, and D’Hollsoy says he’s only 60 percent done.

He says the response to his painting has been very positive and it’s brightened up the alley that is usually tagged with graffiti. He says he’s put in over 400 hours and plans to continue.

“When people started enjoying it I said, ‘Wow, this is all for the community. This is all for Eugene.’ It’s just a pleasure to see people enjoy it, and it may just be the largest mural in Oregon by one man, non-commercial,” D’Hollosy said.

D’Hollosy has started a Kickstarter account–a website where anyone can log in and help fund his piece. He needs to raise money to finish the work and put on a protective coating in order to preserve the details.

He calls it the Lord Leebrick-New Zone Mural. Hans says by giving it this name it will start a conversation and lead people to the two neighboring art programs–The Lord Leebrick Theater and the New Zone Art Gallery.

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