Downtown Eugene Sanitation Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — Both the city of Eugene and Lane County said they’ve found human feces on and around the site where homeless advocates are protesting in downtown Eugene.  The group called SLEEPS said this isn’t true.

The group of SLEEPS protesters outside of city hall continues to grow each day and Lane County administrators said so is a sanitation problem. “We’re concerned about the public safety and concerned about any sanitation and want to be sure that public square can be used by everyone,” said Anne Marie Levis, Lane County spokesperson.

SLEEPS said keeping the campsite clean is its number one priority. “We like to keep things sanitary, so soap and bleach are huge, dog poop bags, we’re trying to maintain the cleanliness of the plaza and we do try to take our dogs off site for the bathroom,” said Angie Bartow, SLEEPS protester.

The City of Eugene said on Friday it found nine situations of human feces in the grass across the road and responded by putting up a fence around the area to discourage people from using it as a restroom. “There was human waste found across the street, so that was documented by the city of Eugene. It was not animal waste,” said Levis. SLEEPS protesters said this is untrue. “It was very much dog feces. There’s a very distinct difference. They don’t even smell the same, they don’t look the same. It was dog feces and you’re gonna find that anywhere if you’re walking down the street people walk their dogs,” said Bartow.

SLEEPS protesters said they believe the county is using this finding as an excuse to push the campers out of the Free Speech Plaza. Lane County said it’s not making the link between the feces findings and the protesters, but they’re still concerned about the discovery. “That causes a huge public safety and public health risk for the community and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. That’s why there’s lots of public restrooms downtown, but obviously the public restrooms aren’t meant for this amount of camping,” said Levis.



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  1. Ron says:

    Only in Eugene do the hippies run the city. What the heck is this country coming to. Lazy people looking for a free ride. Working people paying for it. Common sense is a thing of the past. Mz. Kitty keep it up, Springfield loves your way of running a city. Cater to the freeloaders and run the paying businesses out of town

    1. Ann says:

      Amen, Ron. And why do the tax payers keep re-electing these lame ducks that allow this to continue?

  2. ahshucks says:

    Screw the Sleep’s protesters, they are nothing but roaches and lane county needs to get rid of them. If they can’t get rid of them we as voters can get rid of current government including the judge that let them camp there. If sleeps thinks the homeless are being mistreated why don’t they provide them with a place to sleep.

  3. chris weber says:

    You both need to go live in Kansas – possibly Mississippi – for awhile. You’d like it there – they have no respect or regard for the less fortunate, too. And, of course, those homeless there may NOT complain about their situation.

    You’re a disgrace to the great state of Oregon, and the human kindness and respect that lives here.

    You may now hang your heads – shame on you!

    1. musicman60 says:

      so you think we are bad people because we are tired of low lifes makeing our city a place of bums i dont know how long you have been here but my family been here since the 1800s and built this town we want a vibrant city not a dump with bums running it because all they want is everything free no you go somewhere else or why don ypou let thm live in your yaed not mine

  4. don jones says:

    yes, it was dog alright.
    human dogs

  5. quasimodo says:

    ever notice how the protestors in eugene always trash everything around them and then leave it for the tax payers to pay for and fix?

    I have no issue protesting for a cause but when you trash public property then you should be arrested and fined thousands of hours of community service to make up for the damage you did.

    just admit the destruction you cause repair it and then the people of this country wont leave posts calling your cockroaches and a scurb on society like some of the posts above

  6. Marc Gunther says:

    Maybe if the city didn’t lock up the porta potties and had more than 2 downtown public bathrooms people wouldn’t crap in the park! DUH .Folks are acting like the rest of us don’t need public facilities.

  7. ALF says:

    Ok, people we have a BIGGER PROBLEM than this! ALL DAYS, however; particularly on hot or warm days, the majority of Eugene & Springfield have the odor of human feces & other waste! Let’s choose our battles more wisely. Lane County has many more urgent needs! The State of Oregon & it’s Legislators solicit this type of response from liberals. EVERYONE knows if you need something, you just move to Oregon!!!! OREGON IS FREE EVERYTHING & misappropriation of funds!

  8. Dave says:

    Lately, after the Liane Richardson scandal, I’ve been wondering just how low Lane County government can sink under the rule of the current triad of right-wing commissioners. Now we don’t have to guess anymore: they’re showing us exactly where their heads are at.

    Defecating in public is definitely indecent, but not half as indecent as a county government that not only does not represent the hearts & minds of the people of Lane County, but wants to tweet us vulgarities and pretend that that is the sign of a responsible administration.

  9. EK says:

    I could not find your website location to vote for or against the protestors in front of the Lane County Court house but I am against it. I walk by the camp Mon.-Friday and park in this area, the smell of urine is all around the court house and parking lot.

    1. KEZI Staff says:


      We’ve updated the article to include our Facebook Question of the Day. Click here to answer it: http://www.kezi.com/county-to-address-sleeps-concerns/

      KEZI 9 News

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