Downtown Tech Companies Thriving

EUGENE, Ore. — Many business are still recovering from the efffects of the recession, but one industry is booming in downtown Eugene.

The vice president of a local tech company says the job opportunities in the Eugene tech world are thriving.

With the revitalization of downtown Eugene, it’s brought in a lot of new businesses like restaurants but the technology business is quietly making a big impact.

As vice president of Concentric Sky, Cale Bruckner says the Eugene technology scene has job opportunities available.

In downtown alone, he said there’s around 50 different companies, all that are doing well. He also downtown has affordable office spaces and businesses that are walking distance, which is one of the main reasons why many tech companies chose downtown.

This is imporant to the city because, as Bruckner put it, it helps keep the money local.

“We employ almost 50 people and the jobs are well paying and that revenue stays here in town. Our people visit the Oregon Country Fair and our people spend money downtown on lunch,” said Bruckner.

He also said because this industry is thriving, he created a banner for the tech community to unite under. It’s called the Silicon Shire.

It also has a website serving as a directory for all the different businesses in the Eugene and Springfield area. Companies can also choose to post job listings on the website.

Bruckner says he can see the tech industry in Eugene becoming attractive enough to bring in talent from outside the city and keep them here.

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