Dozens Protest Military Action In Syria

EUGENE, Ore. — More than three dozen protesters took to the streets of Eugene to have their voices heard on the crisis in Syria.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll oppose US missile strikes against Syria.

Monday night the protesters gathered at the old federal building in downtown Eugene waving flags, holding a moment of silence even offering time for people to speak.

The protesters say they’re pushing for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria and one that does not involve military involvement.

“Attacking with conflict spreads more conflict,” said protest organizer Courtney Argent.

“There is potential to go into a downward spiral and there’s unintended consequences that we just don’t know what could happen,” added Argent.

“I would worry that civilians would get hurt or anyone actually not just civilians, it’s unnecessary. War is unnecessary,” said protester Frederick Schminke.

Protesters plan to continue to protest military action in Syria both Tuesday and Wednesday at the same site.

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