DQ Helps Children’s Miracle Network

EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — If you’re looking for a sweet treat Thursday, Dairy Queen is offering up its fare and pledging some of the profits to the Children’s Miracle Network.

For every Blizzard sold, a dollar goes to the NICU and pediatric units at RiverBend Hospital.

Miracle Treat Day is an annual event that started seven years ago. Here in Eugene, it’s quite the hit.

“These days are usually busier, so we’ve got more staff than usual but about the same for the daytime and more for the night, and we’re looking forward to people coming in and ordering Blizzards to save some babies,” said Dairy Queen employee Rachel Jensen.

In all, 26 communities throughout the U.S. and Canada will take part in Miracle Treat Day. Last year it raised more than $5 million in just that one day.

For more information on Miracle Treat Day click here, or for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals click here.

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