Drain Remembers Austin Lundeen

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DRAIN, Ore. — A memorial service was held Saturday for the 16-year-old male who died in an accidental shooting last week.

Austin Lundeen was a beloved student and star athlete at North Douglas High School. His memorial was held at the school’s gym Saturday.

“I just wanted to cry,” said friend Hunter Olson.

The North Douglas High School gym was completely filled to remember Austin Lundeen.

“He was probably the funniest kid I knew. He was always making people smile,” Olson said.

“Oh, he was always busy doing something,” said teammate Travis Conn.

“He was just funny; he made everybody laugh. He was just a hilarious kid,” said friend Lejay Cole.

The memories brought tears to the crowd and laughter. Friends say that’s just like Lundeen, to make people laugh and smile through anything.

“I’m gonna miss his smile. He had the brightest smile. Always happy,” Olson said.

“He was really, really funny and he loved to make people laugh,” said friend Shania Wallis.

The North Douglas High School football team was also in the crowd to pay respect to their fallen teammate.

“He was definitely always serious when he needed to be serious; but if it wasn’t, then he’d always be joking around, messing around and having fun,” Conn said.

Those who knew Lundeen say life will be different without him and even though he’s not singing and dancing around anymore, he’ll never be forgotten.

“I lost a good friend,” Olson said.

“He was one of those people where you meet for the first time and you just love him,” Cole said.

“You’ll never forget him. Never. The first time you meet him you’ll just be like ‘wow! I like that kid.’ I can tell you now you’ll never forget him. If you met him, that’s quite the memory I guess,” Wallis said.

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