Drew Wattier Home from Rehab

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — After 111 days, four different hospitals and four cities, Lane County Sheriff’s Deputy Drew Wattier was released from rehab and finally able to go back to his home in Eugene.

His wife, Michelle, is still in a rehab facility.

“You’ve been waiting for months for this,” said Deputy Robb Ralf. “I know, right,” Drew said.

Now Deputy Wattier isn’t just lifting weights. He’s uplifting everyone around him.

“From seeing him in San Diego, the way he was in San Diego until now is, I can’t say how it makes me feel,” Ralf said.

Four months ago, Drew and Michelle were the victims of a hit-and-run in Mexico. Four hospital and four cities later–at one point close to death, and the loss of a leg, he’s pulled himself up to this point.

Drew was just released from the rehab facility and approved to go home.

“Thank God, I’m excited,” Drew said.

His first day out consisted of a haircut and a workout with his best friend Deputy Robb Ralph.

“He’s been out of the house not even 24 hours, and he’s already back in the gym,” Deputy Ralph said.

“It’s just awesome for him to be here to see him still do everything that he’s been doing all along, to witness it and to have awesome friends like Rob here helping him,” said Nicole Garrett, Drew’s sister.

Michelle is still in a rehab facility in Eugene. She just recently had surgery on her abdomen, but family says when they see each other they both light up.

The community has rallied around the Wattiers with fundraising, even this medical fund run that raised more than $55,000.

“He’s like a local celebrity, and to be honest, it helps because he’s a little bit of a hand (laughs), and it helps the whole situation,” Garrett said.

Drew is still working on his speech, but with tears in his eyes, he has just a couple for words for all of those who’ve helped him along the way.

Coburg Pizza Company is having a fundraiser on April 8 and 9 with 25 percent of all the sales going to the Wattier Medical Fund.

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