Drilling Rig Ends Up In Creek

LORANE, Ore. — A 90-ton drilling rig being used to repair a bridge in Lorane ended up in a creek Monday.

As crews drilled shafts to pour concrete into, they maneuvered the rig to get it back in the right place.

That’s when it started to skid, hit some soft ground and flipped into the creek.

Oregon Department of Transportation crews say the driver stayed in the rig until it hit the bottom and then climbed out.

“The main thing is no one was injured because human life is precious. We can repair the damaged power line that was giving power to the temporary signal, we can repair the equipment, but we can’t replace people, and thank goodness we don’t have to in this case,” said ODOT spokesperson Rick Little.

ODOT is still assessing damage to the machine.

Crews say a little bit of hydraulic oil leaked into the creek and is being contained with pads and sponges.

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