Drive-By Shooting Under Investigation

phpimageWHITE CITY, Ore. – The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating that shooting, which occurred on the 3000 block of Avenue H in White City on Saturday night. Residents nearby describe hearing 10-15 shots fired from a slow moving vehicle.

While the shooting came as a shock, residents say it isn’t exactly a first.

“This is about our… third time calling the sheriff’s department,” said resident Michelle Lewis. “It’s just a continual barrage of bullets.”

The incident occurred amidst what neighbors describe as a string of gang activities in the area.

This one happened within blocks of a nearby middle school.

“My son walks to the school bus, and there’s a lot of little kids,” said resident Denise Smith.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says it’s currently investigating the incident, but declined to offer any other information until Monday. Residents in the area, who have to send their kids to school in the morning, say that isn’t good enough.

“It’s scary to think that something like that is going on out there, and nobody knows anything,” said Smith.

While some families wait for law enforcement to give them answers, others say the problem has gotten bad enough that they’re going to have to start defending themselves.

“We heard some of them say either you do it or we’re armed and we want to take care of it,” said Lewis.

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