Drive Less, Save More Challenge Winners: The Gough Family

EUGENE, Ore. — The winners of the Drive Less, Save More contest were crowned Tuesday.

This past week, three families from our area competed to see who could drive less and save more.

The grand prize winners are the Goughs: Kim, Eric, and little Everett. The Eugene family spent last week looking for every conceivable way to go about their busy lives without once getting in the car.

“We biked. We took the bus one day. We walked. We got around doing what we normally do, without using our cars, including haircuts, out to dinner, and to work every day, daycare. The whole bit,” said Kim and Eric.

As a reward for their ingenuity, the Goughs were presented with Amtrak getaway tickets to Portland plus a two-night stay at a Portland hotel. For little Everett, they won a top-of-the-line child carrier bike trailer, courtesy of Burley Design of Eugene.

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