Driver Spits Out Window, Causes Crash

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Corvallis Police say a three-car collision on Highway 99 was caused after a woman spat out her window.

Captain Dave Henslee with Corvallis Police says Amber Tela of Albany was driving northbound on Highway 99 Thursday evening when she spat out her window. Henslee says the saliva struck her in the face, causing her to drift into the oncoming lane just south of Circle Boulevard. He says Tela’s car side-swiped a car driven by Jerika Mutschler of Corvallis. Henslee says one of Tela’s tires popped off, which hit a third vehicle that was also driving southbound.

“This is new to me. We don’t get a lot of calls about things like this happening,” Henslee said. “But we do get a lot of calls about distracted driving in general. It’s important to always make sure you’re paying attention to the road.”

Henslee says Mutschler was transported to Good Samaritan hospital with minor injuries. Traffic was stopped on Highway 99 between Circle Boulevard and Buchanan Street for over a half hour. Police cited Tela for not staying in her lane.

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