Drivers Reminded to Obey School Zones

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EUGENE, Ore. — School is back in session for many students this week. The Bethel and Roseburg districts start on Tuesday, Springfield starts on Wednesday, and the 4J School District starts next week. Now, the Eugene Police Traffic Enforcement Unit is reminding all drivers to pay attention to school zone speed limits.

School zone crosswalks will see a dramatic increase in kids and cars this week, so police will be on the lookout for speeders and distracted drivers. The heaviest foot traffic is typically between 7:45 and 8:30 a.m. But as Nicole Zwink with Safe Routes to School points out, some school zones might not appear obvious to drivers.

“We have schools in [the Bethel district] that are set back away from the road, so people don’t realize they’re school zones sometimes,” says Zwink. “So be on the constant lookout for the 20 mile zones and be on constant lookout for kids walking and on bikes.”

The speed limit in a school zone is 20 miles per hour and a flashing light indicates that children may be present. Even if there is no flashing light, school zone speed limits are still enforced during school hours. Also, when the red lights on a school bus start to flash, other drivers in both directions must stop.

Traffic tickets for speeding in a school zone are more expensive than regular speeding tickets.

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  1. Jenifer R says:

    State law says 20 mph no matter what the signage says and the cops will still ticket you. For example in Coburg the sign says “when children are present” (actually, when are children NOT present in a school zone considering how many families want to live w-in walking distance to their children’s school(s)??). Even if you don’t SEE the kids likely they are there, bicycling, hiding in bushes to spring out at their buddies playing games, darting into the street unaware of traffic doing the “I doubledare you” thing. Basically, if you are going more than TEN or FIFTEEN mph in any school zone at any time you are risking taking a child’s life away. But just try telling that to the guy tailgating you, honking, flashing his lights, flipping the bird when passing illegally – when you are going even TWENTY in a school zone. Drivers in the Eugene area totally suck but I’m told the rude attitude is everywhere now.

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