Drivers Rush to Buy Traction Tires

EUGENE, Ore. — The slick roads around town caused many drivers to invest in some snow tires and chains Friday.

Customers lined up to get their hands on some new traction tires and chains.

“I’m getting chains because the weather’s pretty bad, and I’ve got to do some driving tonight. I do volunteer work with the Egan Warming Center, and I’ll be going there tonight, and I don’t want to be sliding around,” said Eugene driver Rico Perez.

“I have a limo service and I have a job tonight, and I don’t have tires. I have street tires. I don’t have traction tires, so I wanted to get some tires that would be safe for my passengers,” said Eugene driver Tom Woolley.

For these customers, the amount of snow and road conditions Friday morning caused them to rush to get their cars ready.

“I had to go to an eye doctor at 8 a.m. this morning, and when I saw how much snow was, figured I might as well break down and put some studded snow tires on my truck,” said Eugene driver Roger Wadkins.

“Everyone’s a little worried, so I’m putting my tires on today, and so hopefully we’ll have a safe trip tomorrow for Bend,” said Eugene driver Kelly Boylen.

In the parking lot, many customers attempted to put their chains on, and even though these tires have been legal for more than a month, drivers say it sometimes takes a little bit of a push to get them to the tire store.

“My truck is ready. I’ve got sandbags and chains and I’m ready to roll,” Perez said.

“Everybody, me included, usually waits til the last, but you know we’re not smart enough to plan ahead usually,” Wadkins said.

And motorists are hopeful other drivers are investing in the necessary equipment to get around town.

Tire stores weren’t the only ones busy Friday. A local towing company says they were running on a 2 to 2 and a half hour wait earlier due to all of the crashes.

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