Drivers Voice Feedback About Meters

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s been nearly three months since the Oregon Department of Transportation installed adaptive ramp meters to on-ramps to the Beltline.

It’s a mixed bag of reactions. Some drivers think the on-ramp meters are working, while others say they cause more problems than before.

The adaptive ramp meters are now directing traffic at four different locations onto the Beltline. Coburg and Green Acres roads going onto Beltline westbound, and River Road and River Avenue going onto Beltline eastbound.

ODOT says it installed the ramp meters because engineers wanted to alleviate traffic congestion. But some drivers say they’re just a pain.

“I mean they stop they go, I think it moves pretty much the way that it did before. I’ve parked behind them way back there you know trying to get in and stuff so I’ve actually had to pass a highway because of those,” said driver James Barnes.

“They seem like a good idea at first. Getting onto an interstate or a highway but to be honest with you it clogs up that merge, so far back and it’s just you end up being in traffic either way you look at it,” said driver Jason Scott.

Some drivers say there are better solutions.

“Adding a third lane would definitely help because it would clear up the congestion on it,” said driver Jerry Self.

But others on the road say they do make a difference during rush hour.

“It just makes people take turns even if they don’t want to. It just keeps the flow of traffic going,” said driver Tiffany Lyager.

Tiffany Lyager says the on-ramp meters are not confusing, people just need to follow the rules of the road.

“I don’t find them confusing. I think that you know the dotted line says pick the left side or pick the right side, there are two lights,” Lyager said.

We did contact ODOT for information on how the ramp meters are impacting traffic. Officials there say they’re still collecting data and it will be another six weeks before they’re able to report anything.

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