Drought-Resistant Gardens Paying Off

drought-resistant-lawnsASHLAND, Ore – The Ashland Public Works Department has signed up more than 40 homes in its lawn replacement program, as more homeowners attempt to cut down on water use during the current drought conditions.

Ashland launched the program in June and reimburses homeowners who replace their traditional grass lawn with drought-resistant landscaping, including bark mulch, rocks and some shrubs. As conditions continue to stay hot and dry, officials think more people are becoming interested in conserving water. The city is continuing to accept applications.

“We thought that we’d have a lot of interest, and I think that because of our drought situation that we were facing this year in Ashland, I think the interest has increased,” said Julie Smitherman, Conservation Specialist for the city of Ashland.

Ashland resident Don Hunsaker, who signed up for the program and replaced his lawn earlier this year, said his water bill has been cut by a third.

“Water bill dropped significantly compared to last year at the same time,” he said. “And in spite of the fact that it’s been much hotter this July.”

For more information on how to sign up for the lawn replacement program, click here.

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