Drug Bust in I-5 in Salem

SALEM, Ore. — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office made a routine traffic stop on I-5 Wednesday afternoon and ended up seizing over two pounds of marijuana from two convicted felons.

Deonta Broussard of Seattle, WA and Dominique Turner of San Francisco, CA were stopped after police clocked them going 86 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. Police say they smelled a strong odor of marijuana and after searching the car found two vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana, notes indicating the two were involved in drug trafficking, as well as small amounts of the drug on their person.

Both men have prior convictions. Broussard has prior felonies for possession of machine guns, theft, and selling drugs. Turner has a prior conviction for possessing stolen property.

In the car was Broussard’s six-year-old daughter, who is now under the care of the Oregon Department of Human Services. Broussard told police that he was picking up his daughter from California for a visit. She will be returned to her mother in California.


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  1. Postone says:

    “The Marion County Sheriff’s Office made a routine traffic stop on I-5 Wednesday afternoon and ended up seizing over two pounds of marijuana from two convicted felons.”

    Big freaking deal! OMG they had marijuana… The world will probably come to and end! NOT!

    Since 1971, the War on Drugs has cost over $1 Trillion and resulted in more than 45 million arrests! During this time, illegal drug use has remained unchanged!

    This is ridiculous, you aren’t stopping anything. And you’re costing the taxpayer zillions to keep you spinning your wheels! Because this is a law enforcement and job related boone! All you are doing is filling up our nations Jails and Prisons. You aren’t even slowing the drug trade down.

    You (law enforcement) have been getting your collective arses kicked for decades!

    Treatment has been proven to be much cheaper!

    The powers that be in this country are arrogant, lying, greedy, worthless morons who care NOTHING about the citizens of which you are supposed to be representing! All they care about is their egos, money and power!

    What a pathetic story….

    1. Citizen Lane says:

      in the past 40 years I have personally seen drugs destroy generations of my family. not only Drug killings of family members but I have watched now 3 generations of pot smokers waste their lives sitting around stoned.
      Postone you must smoke pot? How is your life? are you sucsessfull? what have you done for your country? your community? to make it better?

      Don’t get me wrong Pot makes you feel good. so good you can sit around in a pile of S**T and feel good. is that what you want for your kids? yourself? your community?

      Come on and wake up these are bad guys. would you leave these guys alone with your daughter?

      1. Postone says:

        Some people just can’t stand it when other people have an opinion. The fact that you would attack me for my opinion just proves the fact that you and many like you cannot stand others who voice their own opinions….

        And no I don’t do drugs, but by your post or comment I’m think you do!

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