Drug Drop Box Coming to OSU

CORVALLIS, Ore. — An anonymous way of disposing drugs is coming to Oregon State University. It was spearheaded by the campus’ Active Minds chapter, an organization that promotes mental health and well-being. Students will be able to drop off leftover prescription drugs, no questions asked.

“There has been a few losses here at OSU so it’s time to take action,” said Active Minds Officer Sharon Reddy.

OSU’s Active Minds chapter is addressing the sensitive subject with the drug drop box.

“If you had leftover barbiturates or opiates and you didn’t want to store them up, this is a place you can go 24/7, 365 days a year, and no one will ask any questions about what you’re doing. You just put them in a secure box.”

It will be in place for a number of reasons.

“There are three purposes for this drop box. One is to keep prescription drugs out of the waterway. Two, to keep drugs off the streets for drug abuse situations, and three, suicide means reduction, meaning keeping drugs away from people who may hurt themselves,” said Jim Gouveia, suicide prevention coordinator and CAPS therapist.

All of the medication will be disposed of by the Oregon State Police and it will be completely confidential.

“No one’s asking questions, so the pressure and that fear isn’t there,” said Reddy.

Active Minds says the campus needs the drug box.

“We have had three suicides this year already, four last year, so it’s an issue here. If we don’t address it, we’ll just sit back and feel powerless,” said Gouveia.

The drug drop box will be up and running in May at the Oregon State Police lobby.

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