Suspected Drug House Tenants Evicted

5-5 DRUG HOUSEJUNCTION CITY, Ore. — The homeowner and the Junction City Police Department evicted all tenants at the house involved in an April Drug bust, early last week.

No trespassing signs hang all over the yard outside the house on Juniper Street in Junction City, after the property owner evicted all the people living here last Monday.

Police say a week ago they came to the house and handed Troy Malpass an eviction notice, saying everyone needed to be out of the house by midnight.

Neighbors living nearby the house police raided back in March say they feel a bit safer now that the house is empty. They’re hoping positive change will come to the community now that no one is living in the house that’s caused problems in the community for years.

Malpass was charged with two felony counts of unlawful delivery and unlawful possession of meth. Five other people were arrested, including Breanna Spaulding who was charged with child neglect and frequenting a known drug house.

Police say in the past two years they’ve responded to this address more than 50 times, recently to a call about a drive-by shooting.

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