Dry For the Foreseeable Future

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We’ve been talking about the cold dry weather for the past several days…and nothing has changed. It’s going to be a rinse and repeat sort of week.

A large ridge of high pressure has moved east over the Pacific Northwest and is the reason we’re going to stay dry. This ridge does several things to keep us dry and clear…First is blocks any other storms from moving in as the jet stream is clear up in northern Canada. It will help set up a temperature inversion over the next couple of days, which means the air will likely be colder at the surface, than in the higher elevations. With this cold air trapped at the surface, the air becomes rather stagnant though with the lack of wind or mixing in the atmosphere and it can become rather polluted. The Umpqua Basin is under an air stagnation advisory through 1 p.m. Thursday. Any pollutants that are put into the air this week (such as through a wood burning stove or through driving) will stay right here in the valley. The Air Quality Index is currently “Moderate” (opposed to “good”) and will likely continue to deteriorate this week.

Although they sky will be clear overhead, the valley will have to put up with fog for at least the next couple of nights. Overnight lows will fall to the upper 20s most nights this week and for the next couple of days highs will stay in the upper 30s. By Thursday we should start to see less fog and more off shore flow, which will bring our temps up into the upper 40s Thursday through Monday.

Enjoy this dry, sunny weather while it lasts!

Have a great Monday!
-Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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