Dry Skies Return, But Does Fog As Well?

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Justin’s Tuesday Night Forecast Discussion: 

Clouds have been breaking up as the showers and snow start to taper off overnight tonight. There’s a chance we could see a few more inches through tomorrow morning but most of that will be in the Northern Cascades. Lows will sit in the upper 30s overnight tonight.

The next two days will be a transition back to our dry January forecast. The ridge starts to move north over top of the Pacific NW and clear out most, if not all, of the rain and show chances. The fog forms back into the valley for Thursday and Friday. Temperatures won’t be as cold as the last “London Fog” set up so there’s a chance it’ll just be the typical morning fog and partly sunny afternoons.

But here in the Willamette valley we may see more dense fog set up if the ridge plants itself directly overhead like last week. Staying positive though, we should be able to get some partly sunny skies by the weekend with highs holding in the mid to upper 40s. The coast will be very pleasant this weekend with low 50s and sun and snow lovers, get up to the resorts! Either way, we’re looking to go down as having one of the top five driest January months on record!

Have a great Wednesday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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