Duck Delicacies Filling Shelves

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EUGENE, Ore. — Duck cupcakes, cookies and even caramel corn are all on the shelves at local businesses getting ready for kickoff this Saturday.¬†Green and yellow aren’t the only colors stirring up the game day excitement. Sweet Life is rolling out the cupcakes and cookies.

As if Duck fans needed any more help getting hyped.

“I think somehow adding yellow and green to it makes it sell faster,” said Katherine Reinhart, Sweet Life owner.

Fans can also go nutty over one new treat in Duck caramel corn, which Reinhart says will be a hazelnut espresso.

“Those are definitely Oregon things, and then some yellow and green,” Reinhart said.

Dandelions Flowers is also going Ducky with custom made stuffed animals and greeting cards from a local designer. The owner is counting on the call adds them cash.

“I would say probably in the low thousands high hundreds,” said Shirley Lyons, owner of Dandelions Flowers and Gifts.

And part of that dough comes from the game day treats. The goal post is set over at Market of Choice, another tailgating touchdown.

“Cookies, chips, napkins, candy steaks brats hamburger hot dog buns,” said Ryun Arbogast, Market of Choice Assistant Store Manager.

There’s no defense needed for all of these delicacies, just an empty stomach and lots of spirit.

Below: Desserts from Sweet Life. Chips from Market of Choice.

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