Duck Downtown Kickoff!

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EUGENE, Ore.– Duck fans will have more to cheer about this football season! Friday kicks of Duck Downtown. It’s a brand new series of events hitting the downtown scene of both Eugene and Springfield, every Friday before home football games.

“All kinds of special offers, from food and beverage and retail discounts,” said Lisa Lawton with Travel Lane County.

The Barn Light in Eugene is offering extended happy hour until midnight for anyone who mentions “Duck Downtown”.

“We just released a new happy hour menu that features special cocktails and food specials,” said co-owner of The Barn Light, Thomas Pettus-Czar.

Mention Duck Downtown at Belly Restaurant and enjoy a dollar off a beverage. Wear team colors for a free ice cream upgrade at Red Wagon Creamery. And head over to 5th Street Public Market, where three of the best dressed duck fans will win $100 gift certificates.

Over in Springfield, Planktown Brewing will knock 10% off your tab if you show your football ticket. And their menu won’t disappoint.

“We’re known for half pound patties, of course fantastic draft selection, all brewed on site,” said Planktown Brewing bar manager John Anderson.

The Washburne Cafe will give duck attire wearing fans a 16 ounce drink on the house if they quack like a duck. Opposing teams can also get in on this deal, but it comes with a catch.

“If the opposing team comes in wearing their attire and jump like a jackrabbit, they too can have a 16 ounce drink on the house,” said The Washburne Cafe owner, Marilou Heriot.

For out of town fans, Amtrack Cascades will offer free game train discounts. LTD will offer free service the entire weekend after 5pm.

“Duck Downtown is just another way to bring people into downtown, help them celebrate, get excited for the games, but also bring economic vitality to the downtown cores of Eugene and Springfield,” said Lawton.

The official Duck Truck will also be winding its way through downtown with surprise visits from UO cheerleaders and perhaps the Duck himself. For a full list of deals and discounts happening Friday visit: www.duckdowntown.com

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  1. musicman60 says:

    yes because they think they own eugene since uncle phil backs them and they use our police force for there specail body guards blocking our public streets so we have to take the long way to get anywhere yep they own eugene

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